Our Packages

Choosing The Package Just Right For You..!

From preventive checkup to Fitness check, there’s a jiDoctor package for everyone. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, improve your fitness performance, or just deciding to have a full body checkup to identify risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, with jiDoctor, you can’t go wrong, because we will be giving you customized test that are just for you based on our comprehensive questionnaire. Even our most basic package includes more tests than the routine checkup.

All Package include 20 minutes Online or in Person consultation with our Specialist if needed

help you identify your basic cardiovascular, diabetic, cancerous and all other hidden risk of your body.

curious if your diet, workout, food supplement are effective? This is your choice if you want to optimize your health

We can test how aging affecting you not only from the outside but also the inside. Your biological age can be slow down if you keep your eyes on it.

choose from a range more than 200 tests, and our specialist will interpret for you.

we will help you and your spouse to identify health risk such as STD, Down syndrome chance, etc. We want you to be well prepared for an everlasting marriage.

The vision screening check will provide you with an initial idea of the current performance of your eyes. Better vision also means more quality of life, as sight is our  important sensory organ.