Terms of Use


If you experience a medical emergency, call 911 immediately.

LiveHealth Online is owned and operated by Health Management Corporation ("HMC"). HMC makes this site available for the sole purpose of facilitating communications between health services providers and consumers who choose to use the online service.


Interaction with health services providers using LiveHealth Online is not intended to take the place of appointments with your regular primary care provider. If you do not have an established relationship with a primary care provider, you are encouraged to develop one. Do not disregard medical advice from your regular doctor or other health professional because of information provided by a health services provider via LiveHealth Online.

HMC is not licensed to practice medicine and does not render medical care or medical advice.

Neither HMC, nor any of its licensors or suppliers, shall be liable for any advice obtained from a health service provider using LiveHealth Online. HMC does not recommend or endorse any specific providers, tests, medications, products or procedures. All services or recommendations made by a health service provider are based on their independent professional judgment.


When you choose to use the LiveHealth Online communication tool you will be provided with a list of health services providers based on the selection criteria that you provide and on provider availability. The information we make available about any particular health services provider is supplied to us by that provider, and HMC makes no warranty as to its accuracy. Users of the LiveHealth Online communication tool are ultimately responsible for choosing which health services provider to communicate with.


You are responsible for your own communications using LiveHealth Online. You may not:


You will be informed of the fee to be charged when you select a health services provider. Fees may vary from provider to provider. You will be asked to supply credit card information, which will be verified prior to your online visit. You will not be able to use LiveHealth Online to communicate with a health services provider if the credit card information you provide is inaccurate or if your credit card is declined.

In the event there is a connection disruption within the first ninety (90) seconds of the visit, no charge will be incurred. Thereafter, if there is an interruption, but your selected provider remains connected, the stated charge will still be made. In the event the selected provider loses the connection at any point in the visit, a charge may or may not be incurred. You will not be charged any fee other than the fee for your visit with your selected Provider.

In order to facilitate payment for your online visit, HMC will share your credit card information and related personal information to its designated credit card payment processor. This information is shared solely for the purpose of collecting the fee.